Vegan vs Vegetarian

Understanding the Greens: Vegan vs. Vegetarian

Hey there, green-eaters and curious minds! So, you’re probably hearing a lot about plant-based eating these days, right? Vegan this, vegetarian that—it’s all the rage, and for good reasons! But what’s the real scoop between vegans and vegetarians? Let’s break it down in a no-fuss way.

The Veggie Lowdown: Vegetarianism

Alright, vegetarians are the folks who wave goodbye to steaks and chicken wings. No meat on their plates, thank you very much! But they’re totally cool with grazing on cheese, eggs, and sometimes even a drizzle of honey. It’s like Meatless Mondays, but, you know, every day.

Different Veggie Vibes:

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians: Cheese omelets are still on the menu.
  • Lacto Vegetarians: Cheese, yes. Eggs, nope.
  • Ovo Vegetarians: It’s all about the eggs, hold the cheese, please.

Going All-In: Veganism

Now, vegans are the hardcore plant lovers. They take the whole no-meat thing up a notch—no animal products, period. We’re talking no dairy, no eggs, no honey. And it’s not just about food. Vegans are all about that cruelty-free life, from their shoes to their shampoo.

More Than Just Food:

Vegans are in it for the long haul. They’re all about loving our furry friends and not turning them into burgers or handbags. It’s a full-on lifestyle that’s kind to Bambi and Mother Earth.

Let’s Chat Nutrition

When you ditch animal stuff, you gotta make sure you’re still getting all the goods your body needs.

  • Protein: No meat, no problem. Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and tofu have got your back.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Vegans, almond milk has got you covered. Vegetarians, there’s always good ol’ cheese and yogurt.
  • Iron: Spinach isn’t just for Popeye! Pair it with some vitamin C-rich foods like oranges for an iron boost.
  • Vitamin B12: This one’s tricky, so you might need to snag a supplement or munch on fortified cereals.

Earth Vibes

Here’s a cool fact: Eating plants is pretty rad for the planet. Less water, less land, and fewer cow burps messing with the ozone. So, if you dig the Earth (like we all should), eating more greens than meats is a solid high-five to the environment.

The Heart Behind the Choice

It’s not just about what’s on your plate—it’s the heart behind it. A lot of plant-based peeps choose their chow to give animals a break from being, well, dinner. Plus, they reckon it’s better for their own health too.

Do You, Boo

Whether you’re team vegan or vegetarian, or just veg-curious, it’s all about finding what feels good for you. Your plate, your rules. Some folks like to ease into it, and that’s totally cool. Every little bit helps!

So, What’s It Gonna Be?

Choosing between vegan and vegetarian is like picking between avo and guac. They’re both awesome, just a little different. Whichever way you lean, you’re doing something awesome for your body and the planet. High-fives all around!

So, keep it real, keep it plant-based, and most importantly, keep exploring what works for you. Here’s to happy, healthy eating adventures!

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When I went from vegetarian to vegan I told myself that if I couldn’t do it and really and truly wanted dairy cheese (or whatever) I could have it. But it would be a conscious choice to eat it, not eating out of habit.


6 years totally vegan. But never liked meat.

I have not eaten any animals since 1985 but wish I’d made the switch up to Veganism much sooner than I did 💚

Nearly 10yrs vegan and before that 30 veggie. I’m 54 💚 🌱 Always for the animals 🙏


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