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Anti Animal Cruelty Club - Cropped Sweatshirt

Anti Animal Cruelty Club - Cropped Sweatshirt

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You’re doing more than just putting on a sweatshirt, you’re joining a cause, and raising awareness that it’s possible to be 100% animal & earth friendly!💚🌎


Our Mission

Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, and our vegan clothing is perfect for anyone who wants to promote their commitment to a compassionate & vegan life style. Plant Babes offers a wide variety of vegan apparel, and we want to make products that help educate the world on just how fun it is to save animals, the environment, and be healthy and conscious🐷


Thank You! ❤️

Every shirt you purchase helps spread Veganism to the world and creates a wave of change. Our advocacy for animal rights is just the beginning! And If you liked this design I think you may also like this other Super Cute one: Vegan Dictionary, so make sure to check this out as well! 😊


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