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Natural Bamboo Tooth Brush Set - 10 PCs

Natural Bamboo Tooth Brush Set - 10 PCs

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Why Use Bamboo Toothbrushes?

1 billion toothbrushes are discarded and end up in landfill every year in the U.S.A.  Once in landfill, they break down into microplastics that will often reach rivers and end up in the sea.

So it’s little wonder that by 2050 it’s predicted that there will be a higher volume of plastic in the oceans than fish!

In October 2018, a study published by National Geographic revealed that microplastics were found in 90% of table salts.

Bamboo is great as a toothbrush because it grows super fast, over a yard per day that's over 3 feet every single day, plus bamboo can grow in close proximity to each other. Bamboo works great as a toothbrush because it naturally repels water, doesn't splinter and is antimicrobial.

The battle to exterminate plastic RAGES on in the bathroom.

Our weapon of choice is the bamboo toothbrush.

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months, so we decided to make your life easy and give you a yearly supply for half price!

Which turns out to be even cheaper than plastic branded brushes.

Our brush frames are made from sustainably harvested bamboo with a delicate and wholesome finish.

We figured, if you’re going to replace your charmless plastic brush - it’d be nice to do it in style while adding some warmth to your bathroom.  

The small head allows you to reach the back of your mouth, and the ultra fine soft bristles clean plaque softly and provide a gentle massage to your gums.

Natural, Organic, Biodegradable

Our bamboo toothbrush handles are made from natural, organic, 100% biodegradable bamboo handles, doesn't splinter and is antimicrobial.

BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Soft

The bristles are made from soft, needle-shaped and BPA Free nylon bristles.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable material, the worlds fastest naturally renewing resource. 

Size= 17.5cm


Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, or when the bristles have frayed




There are more than 1000 species of bamboo on this planet. We manufacture the bamboo world brush from Moso bamboo. This is not food for our amazing pandas.


Cannot cancel if the order has been shipped. If you have received any damage to the order there are no extra fees charged. You can cancel anytime no questions asked.


Our shipping cost is FREE. How good is that.


Dentists recommend choosing toothbrushes with soft bristles. It is a misconception brushes with harder bristles clean your teeth better. Dentists do not recommend hard or medium bristles because they damage your gums.


It takes 8 – 20 days from date of order.


Need Assistance?

If any concern with our bamboo toothbrush, please contact us directly and we will be always here to assist you.

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We donate 1% of every purchase!

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change and we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change.

We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal!

Ethically Made

Not only will you look great but you can feel great too, knowing you'll be supporting among other things:
No forced labor; No child labor; Safe working conditions.

Need Assistence?

Contact us at We will be happy to help!

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  • 2.7 Acres of Land Conserved

  • 13,589 Gallons of Water Saved

  • 33% Lower Carbon Footprint

  • 7.5 Plastic Bottles Recycled